• me: hello darkness my old friend
  • darkness: do i know u
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if meeting you was my lucky moment,
it balances out everything else that’s happened.
only good things have happened, since i met you.

"The boy in front of me now is the first boy I ever loved."

"To come to a clear decision takes strength."


"I'm truly glad to have met you! I'm truly glad to have fallen in love with you!"
Kyoukai no Kanata - Ep(12/12)
"Bishamon-sama. This sakura tree you see standing here… is the result of Suzuha, your former shinki, having dedicated himself to caring for it for so long. Should you find these blossoms beautiful, please enjoy your stay with us. However, if you’re looking to pick on Yato… turn around and get out."

Let’s show everyone in the stadium that we ravens can fly.


 "even though it was only a short period of 1 year, thank you for everything!"
Humans have no wings, so they search for a way to fly.